Evergreen-FenceOur garden should be a sanctuary from the world. Somewhere we can go to enjoy the outdoors and use the peace and quiet to reflect while we bask in the beauty of our own spot of nature. So often however in today’s modern world real life often intrudes in the form of nosy neighbours, noisy roads or unsightly buildings or views beyond.


An easy solution to prevent any unwanted sights and sounds encroaching on your privacy is the strategic planting of evergreen shrubs and trees. Also known as screening trees, this is because their dense leaves serve as noise buffers and you can choose a variety that will grow tall enough to block out any offending views.


Evergreen trees and shrubs are not just useful, they are also beautiful and require little or no maintenance and are present all year round, so they are ideal for gardens of all types and sizes. The many available variations means you can choose the perfect shrub to fit with your garden, and create the level of screening you require.



Evergreen hedges are useful in creating borders and blocking the sight of fences. Laurels are very popular as they are relatively fast growing and easy to maintain. Others such as the Taxus Bacatta grow very slowly but have very dense leaves and grow berries in winter. The Western Red Cedar is fast growing and just the thing for artistic gardeners as it can be trimmed to create different shapes and give your garden that something special!



Trees are perfect for blocking out sound and taller trees can be grown to block views of neighbouring buildings or roads, thereby improving the aesthetic feel of your garden. Trees like bamboo are very popular because they can be grown easily from young plants, and they grow tall rather than wide, so are ideal for narrow gardens. They are also ideal for oriental style gardens. There are many varieties of large evergreen trees growing capable of growing many metres tall, and they can usually be bought as mature trees up to 4 metres in height, to provide instant screening.


Climbing plants

Climbers such as ivy or jasmine look beautiful, smell wonderful, and best of all cover unsightly hedges or walls!


If you’re considering planting trees or hedges to help add privacy to your garden the choice is vast, so narrow it down to the ones right for your garden by thinking about how tall/wide you need it to be, how thick and what colour you want the leaves to be, do you want it to flower or berry? Would you mind some maintenance or does it need to be maintenance free? Does it need to fit in with a certain theme in your garden? Do you want it to smell nice? It is wise to seek expert advice from a professional gardener or tree surgeon who can best advise on the plants and/or trees that would work best for your garden. A visit to your local nursery is also useful as you can see and smell the evergreens available to help you make an informed decision.