Wholesale B&B Trees

We offer a wide range of evergreen b&b nursery stock. We offer two grades of nursery stock, our premium "Landscape Grade" and our economical "Commercial Grade". We are a moderate sized nursery with about 200 acres in production so we are able to intensely manage our high quality of control and a continuous supply of all species, sizes and grades is assured. Our location is central to all the major east coast metropolitan markets, a major consideration with the cost of freight in today's economy.

We feel our stock and customer service is unsurpassed in the industry and we invite you to visit our nursery to see for yourself. Give us a call to arrange a visit or check on price and availability.

Spring 2014 Wholesale B&B Commercial Grade

Sorry, we're sold out for the season

For more information, please contact:
Jeffery Strauss

Nursery Manager
Elizabeth Farms
Cell: 717-587-4437  


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Santa's Workshop
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