Evergreen ready to be planted.

Evergreen Tree Varieties

We have many great varieties of evergreen trees to select from: Frasier Fir, Douglas Fir trees, Colorado Spruce trees, Canadian Hemlock trees, Serbian Spruce trees, White Pine trees, White Spruce trees and Norway Spruce Trees. Click a tree to view branch detail.

  • Douglas Fir Evergreen Tree

    Fraser Fir

    The Fraser Fir is a small evergreen coniferous tree. The crown is conical, with straight branches either horizontal or angled 40° upward from the trunk; it is dense when the tree is young, but becomes more open as it ages. The leaves are needle-like, arranged spirally on the twigs but twisted at the base to spread in two rows.

  • Douglas Fir Evergreen Tree

    Douglas Fir

    The branches of the Douglas Fir are spreading to drooping, the buds sharply pointed and the bark is very thick, fluted, ridged, rough and dark brown. The needles are dark green or blue green, 1 to 1 1/2 inches long, soft to the touch and radiate out in all directions from the branch. They have a sweet fragrance when crushed.

  • Colorado Spruce Evergreens

    Colorado Spruce

    GA broad, dense, pyramidal tree with stiff branches horizontal to the ground. Native to intermountain states of the west. Choice specimen tree.

  • Hemlock Evergreen Tree


    The Canadian hemlock is a graceful tree, handsome and regal throughout the year, softer in form and texture than most other conifers.

  • Serbian Spruce Evergreens

    Serbian Spruce

    Serbian Spruce forms a narrow, pyramidal silhouette with graceful arching branches. The upper surface of the needles is glossy, dark green in contrast to the whitish lower surface.

  • White Pine Evergreen Trees

    White Pine

    A hardy, valuable tree. Clustered soft blue-green needles. Ideal screen or windbreak. Likes moist, well-drained soils.

  • White Spruce Evergreens

    White Spruce

    White spruce is a medium-sized conife, has a cone-shaped crown, and when grown in the open develops a conical crown which extends nearly to the ground. A straight, tall tree easily recognized by its needles. Cones always hang down. Beautiful year-round color. Tolerates most soil conditions.

  • Norway Spruce Evergreen Trees

    Norway Spruce

    The Norway Spruce is the most widespread, fastest growing, largest and most disease resistant spruce in the northern hemisphere. It is used extensively for windbreaks through out Canada and the United States. It can tolerate much winds and still grow well. The Norway is dark green in color with pendulous (arching upward) branches.