Elizabeth Farms... the area's largest Live Christmas Tree farm. Located in the heart of historic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Come visit Elizabeth Farms to enjoy all of these features:

  1. Free Scenic Horse-Drawn Wagon Ride.
  2. Your Picture Taken with the Real Santa.
  3. Santa's Workshop
  4. Model Train Room
  5. Bloomingdale's Holiday Window Display
  6. Elizabeth Farms Gift Shop
  7. Corn Crib Food Court
  8. Over 200 Acres of Growing Trees.
  9. Many Varieties of Trees to Choose From.
  10. Hand Saws are Provided.
  11. Fresh Pre-Cut Trees for your Convenience.
  12. A Tree that has Been Shaken Clean.
  13. A Neatly Baled Tree for Easy Handling.
  14. A Tree Drilled to Fit Our Stand-Strait™ Tree Stands.
  15. Wide Selection of Live Balled Trees.
  16. Free Hot Refreshments and Animal Zoo.
  17. A Recycling Service.
  18. A Fun Family Tradition.


Santa’s Workshop

Provided by National Christmas Center

Santa's Workshop
Santa's Hours:
Black Friday:
Saturdays & Sundays
*Last Santa Day is Dec. 14th
Photos with Santa
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Elizabeth Farms

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