Evergreen: Serbian Spruce General Information

The Serbian Spruce is a medium-sized evergreen tree. This conifer was named for the region to which it is native, but it can now be found in multiple continents, including Europe and North America, where it is highly valued for numerous reasons.

What Does the Serbian Spruce Look Like?

Serbian Spruce Growth

New growth forms at the tips of the branches on this evergreen.

The Serbian Spruce is a tall, slim evergreen with a straight, slender trunk. The needles of this spruce differ from those of other spruces in that they are flat instead of four-sided, like the needles of most spruces. These needles are short, only about half an inch long. The tops of these needles are lustrous green in color, and their undersides are lighter in color with white bands which create a silvery effect when the branches sway in the wind. The cones of the Serbian spruce are two to three inches and shaped like eggs. When young, these cones appear to be almost purple in color, but in maturity they change to a dark brown.

How to Care for a Serbian Spruce Evergreen

It is best to plant a Serbian Spruce in the spring or fall. This evergreen quickly adapts to many landscape conditions. It grows well in full sun, though it can also live in partial shade. If it gets too much shade, however, the tree will become thin and sickly looking. After planted, this spruce requires minimal maintenance. Like most evergreens, it is best not to fertilize the Serbian spruce, and pruning is only necessary to remove dead or broken branches.

Why Plant a Serbian Spruce?

The Serbian Spruce has many striking qualities that make it beneficial to use for many reasons. Its uniquely colored needles are just one of many attractive characteristics. Many also appreciate this tree for its shape. This tall, slender tree makes it perfect for multiple uses. It is often used as an ornamental tree, but it works very well as a street tree because of how narrow it is. It is also often planted in more urban areas because of its ability to tolerate urban pollution and limited space.

Other Uses of Serbian Spruces

Serbian spruce branches While a wonderful ornamental evergreen for yards or gardens, the Serbian Spruce is also used in other areas. For example, the wood is often used for timber and paper production, though this particular tree is not as widely used in those fields as other trees because of its slower growth rate. The Serbian Spruce is also grown on many tree farms to use as Christmas trees.

This slender and graceful spruce is a wonderful addition to any landscape in need of an evergreen that takes up little space. Its adaptability makes it perfect for most types of landscapes, including urban, and its unique shape is a nice alternative to the more commonly used spruces, such as the Norway and Colorado Spruces. Its minimal maintenance needs make it easy to care for, and its stately, graceful appearance make it the perfect choice when searching for just the right tree. Let Elizabeth Farms help you pick out your perfect trees. Contact us today.

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Thoughts on Evergreen: Serbian Spruce General Information

  1. I am possibly interested in a serbian spruce to plant at my home. Looking for very thin 6-8 foot specimen to start. ??? Price ??? availability.
    Do you also offer this tree as a cut tree for christmas ??? Don’t remember seeing them when visiting your farm previously to select cut trees. Would want a somewhat taaller specimen for same.

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