Christmas Cookie Decorating and Baking Ideas

Indulge Bakery Snowman Christmas CookieEveryone loves cookies, they help celebrate the holidays, especially at Christmas time. The all American standard for baking cookies at Christmas time is the Sugar Cookie. They are a buttery delight and a classic treat for the holiday season. Sugar cookies have an understated flavor and after the first bite one’s memory can be brought back to childhood when they were in their kitchen baking the cookies with their mother. The memory of past Christmas seasons can also rush to mind when the pleasant smell of baking cookies fills the house. It is a great feeling sitting in a warm home while the snow falls outside, with the family all gathered together with a tray of cookies at the center. Cookies are an essential component to any Christmas evening and no child could sleep on Christmas Eve if a plate of cookies was not left out for Santa.

Decorating Ideas

Sugar Cookies allow prime real estate for decorating and creative design because of their blank untextured surface. Sugar cookies are cut in the classic holiday shapes of a bell, snowflake, snowman, angel, Christmas tree, candy cane, stocking, and star. After baking a batch of sugar cookies in their familiar shapes the decorating begins.
Anything goes really when it comes to baking and decorating cookies, but there are a few methods to follow if you want a nice presentation. Frosting colors can be varied, uniform or in sets of two or three. For example, depending on what you have on hand, you can get detailed in your decorating and make every element of your snowman cookie a different color. Indulge Bakery Christmas Cookie SnowflakesThe nose being orange, the hat and coal eyes being black and the scarf being red and the body being texture white.
Keeping your colors uniform can also be nice for looks, and they taste just as good. In this case choose just two colors like light blue and white. The contrast is nice and it has a cool feeling like the snow, this works well for snowflakes, stars and bells. Touching them up with sugar pearls adds a nice touch as well, just place them in the frosting before it dries so they stick and don’t roll off all over the place.

Alternative Cookies to Bake

A local favorite bake shop can provide for inspiration to go beyond the classic Chocolate Chip and Sugar cookie options. After visiting a bakery and seeing the wide variety of cookie choices, one can have a few new flavors to indulge in during the holiday season. A new favorites is the Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookie, the butterscotch makes these cookies soft and chewy and absolutely delicious. Other cookie versions that are becoming popular and are making their way into kitchens and dining room tables during the Christmas season are Toffee Chip, Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Snickerdoodles Brown Sugar, and Ginger Snap Cookies.

Other Baked Goods for Christmas

Peanut Butter Bliss Bars are excellent and unique treats that have a texture between gooey and chewy. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars are definitely a holiday seasonal treat, they have almost a cake like texture. Chocolate Almond Croissants are an added luxury for Christmas and can be used for after dinner or after breakfast on Christmas morning. Croissants are a little trickier to bake from scratch than cookies so it is almost worth going to your local bakery to pick up a batch to have on standby.

Rich Coffman lives on the front range of Colorado and is a devotee to his favorite local bake shop Indulge Bakery.
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